The International Footbag Player’s Association, Urban Komba Footbag Club and Sports Management Bulgaria would like to invite you to the largest and most anticipated footbag happening of the year – The 39th Annual IFPA World Footbag Championships.

It’s an annual week-long experience that tests one’s skill in footbag net and footbag freestyle. The notable event has been run continuously for the past thirty-nine years and gathers players from all over the world. Some of the championships host cities include Portland Oregon, Paris, Denver, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Trnava, Prague, Montreal and San Francisco.

As the Sports capital of Europe for 2018, Sofia is proud to become a part of that list. And since Bulgaria has many casual players, we hope that the event will inspire many of them to go one step further.

Footbag freestyle and footbag net matches will take place between the 22nd and 28th of July in Sofia Hall, Park Borisova Gradina.
Registration is mandatory for all competitors and should be completed by July 18th.

The world’s top players will be fighting for the titles under fierce pressure and competition.

Join this adventure or feast your eyes on the skills of the best!

Footbag Net

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Footbag Net is a singles or doubles court game, where players use only their feet to kick the footbag over a 152 cm high net. The rules for doubles net resemble the volleyball ones – players are allowed three kicks per side and must alternate kicks. In singles players are allowed only two kicks per side.

The footbag (usually a 32-panel vinyl or leather ball) may not contact a player’s body except below the knee.

The playing court is 6m x 13.4 m divided into 4 equal serving quadrants – similar to a badminton court. As in tennis, serving is cross court. Scoring is similar to volleyball – you must be serving to score. Games can be played to 11 or 15 points, where players must win by 2 points. Matches are usually best 2 out of 3.

Footbag Net combines the court strategy of tennis with the set-and-spike strategy of volleyball. Players spike the footbag over the net using either the sole of the foot, a sweeping inside kick, or an outside push. Even more remarkable than the spikes are the “digs” players use to defend against the spikes.

Footbag Net Rule Book

Footbag Freestyle

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Footbag Freestyle is a very technical competitive discipline.

Players compete by performing complex combinations of footbag tricks to music (much like figure skating). The so-called choreographed routines are judged along four axes – presentation, difficulty, variety, and execution.

Shredding is another form of freestyle in which players attempt to perform as many tricks in a row as possible, of a given add-value or above.

Each move or trick in freestyle footbag has a determinable difficulty rating. The difficulty of each move sums up to a total, which is divided by the number of attempted and completed moves. This determines the average difficulty of a routine.

For variety, players must perform moves that contain elements from five categories – leg dexterity, delays, spins, unusual surfaces and cross-body moves.

Execution is judged by smoothness, confidence, and most of all – the ability of the player to keep the footbag off the ground.

Footbag Freestyle Rule Book