Freestyle: Overall Champion!

Attention freestylers,

At this years Worlds, we will be trying something new, and will be awarding an official Overall Open Freestyle Champion at the close of the event. The overall champion will be determined based on the results of all of the official Open freestyle events (Open Routines, Open Circle, Open Shred 30, and Open Request). The events will be weighted, though the exact weighting is TBD.
The determination of the overall champion will NOT affect the scoring or ranking of the individual events. Individual champions (and medals) will still be awarded, the overall rankings will simply be aggregated from the results of the four individual events.
If you want your best shot at becoming the overall freestyle champion, make sure to register for all of the official freestyle events!

Feel free to contact me in any way you know how with any questions or concerns,
Matthew Kemmer, Freestyle Director

Patrik Cerny

Patrik Cerny (CZ), Current European Champion in Freestyle Routines

Freestyle: Request Contest Rules

Matt Kemmer, our Freestyle Director has prepared the rules for the upcoming Request Contest competition.
He’s not only a member of IFPA Worlds Team but also a superb shredder.

For any questions regarding freestyle competition contact him by Email and follow him on Instagram.

Link to full document

18.06 – Dnevnik

The major news media Dnevnik published an overview of the upcoming footbag championships – Read Article