Footbag Net: tournamet rules

To all net players, tere is a demand from players’ community to play more, as we have plenty of time.

Here are rules to be used in Sofia:

  1. All Doubles events – Side Out Scoring. Always (also pools) Best-of-3 to 15 points.
    Consolations matches (once you have lost in your bracket) are all 1 match to 15 pts.
    Only Bronze match is still best of 2 of 3.
  2. All Singles events – Rally Scoring. Pools and brackets up to (including) quarterfinals are played best of 2 of 3 to 21 points. Semis and finals are best of 3 of 5 to 15 pts in Rally.
    Consolation matches are all 1 match to 21 pts Rally.
    Only Bronze match are still best of 3 of 5 to 15 pts Rally.

No reseeding after pools will be done. You “steal the seed” of beaten team.

Please follow the online pools and results soon at Tournament Software website 

As IFPA Sanctioned event, we will follow the IFC Official Rules of Footbag Sports, click here for more details.

Best regards,


Luka Weyler-Lavallée

IFPA Net Director