Footbag Freestyle

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Footbag Freestyle is a very technical competitive discipline.

Players compete by performing complex combinations of footbag tricks to music (much like figure skating). The so-called choreographed routines are judged along four axes – presentation, difficulty, variety, and execution.

Shredding is another form of freestyle in which players attempt to perform as many tricks in a row as possible, of a given add-value or above.

Each move or trick in freestyle footbag has a determinable difficulty rating. The difficulty of each move sums up to a total, which is divided by the number of attempted and completed moves. This determines the average difficulty of a routine.

For variety, players must perform moves that contain elements from five categories – leg dexterity, delays, spins, unusual surfaces and cross-body moves.

Execution is judged by smoothness, confidence, and most of all – the ability of the player to keep the footbag off the ground.

Footbag Freestyle Rule Book