Footbag Net

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Footbag Net is a singles or doubles court game, where players use only their feet to kick the footbag over a 152 cm high net. The rules for doubles net resemble the volleyball ones – players are allowed three kicks per side and must alternate kicks. In singles players are allowed only two kicks per side.

The footbag (usually a 32-panel vinyl or leather ball) may not contact a player’s body except below the knee.

The playing court is 6m x 13.4 m divided into 4 equal serving quadrants – similar to a badminton court. As in tennis, serving is cross court. Scoring is similar to volleyball – you must be serving to score. Games can be played to 11 or 15 points, where players must win by 2 points. Matches are usually best 2 out of 3.

Footbag Net combines the court strategy of tennis with the set-and-spike strategy of volleyball. Players spike the footbag over the net using either the sole of the foot, a sweeping inside kick, or an outside push. Even more remarkable than the spikes are the “digs” players use to defend against the spikes.

Footbag Net Rule Book