Support IFPA

IFPA (International Footbag Players’ Association, Inc.) is a volunteer-run, charitable non-profit corporation, dedicated to the growth of footbag play world-wide as lifetime recreation and as an amateur, competitive sport.

With Wiktor Debski as the current executive director, IFPA is the driving force behind all major footbag events, including the flagship World Footbag Championships.

Urban Komba

Urban Komba is the biggest footbag club in Bulgaria and is pleased to produce this year’s World Championships.


Sports Management Bulgaria consults professional sports organisations and clubs in the management and marketing area.

The company’s main motivation is the sports development in Bulgaria. After helping with the organisation of Footbag Euros in Sofia 2015, they decided to get involved in this year’s worlds.


Sportal.bg is the biggest sports news site in Bulgaria with more than 250 000 daily visitors.
They provide video coverage and post daily wrap-ups of our event.

Bar Izgrev

Get Directions

Izgrev means “sunrise” in bulgarian and if visit this bar you’ll definitely stay up in the morning to see one.

As the last mahican before the border with Romania, it’s a small oasis with chilling hammocks and great music collection. You can enjoy delicious cocktails without going out of the camping, while still having the desert beach in a walking distance.

Bar Izgrev kindly provides us with their resident DJ support – MADDOC. If you enjoyed our afterparties and plan a trip to the coast, make sure to visit! As a player, you’ll get a special treatment 🙂