Public Transport

Tickets should be validated as soon as you get in the vehicle!

Ticket Price – 1.60 BGN
Daily Card (all lines) – 4 BGN + 2 BGN (for the card)
3 Days Card (all lines) – 10 BGN + 2 BGN (for the card) 


Phone application with real time public transport schedules.
Extremely accurate and reliable for routing!

Download for iOS
Download for Android

Rent a bike

Sofia bike –
Recycler’s –


Short-term electric car rental –


If you get a taxi from the street, make sure to check the rates!
The standard fare is around 0.40 EUR per km (5km ~ 2 EUR).

Yellow Taxi +359 2 911 19
Green Taxi +359 2 810 810
OK +359 2 973 2 121


Settled during the 1st millennium B.C. by  the Thracians
Conquered by the Romans in 45 C.E. to become later а part of the Byzantine Empire
Conquered by the Bulgarian Kingdom in the 9th century
Fell under the Ottomans in 1382
Capital of the Ottoman Empire’s European province (1382 – 1878)
In 1876 Russian forces pushed the Ottomans out of the city
Became the capital of Bulgaria in 1879